Kesslerin "Original"


The "Kesslerin Original" is our standard rifle. "The Kesslerin", with its total length of 105 – 110 cm, is a hand-crafted, ultra lightweight hunting rifle. The bolt-action rifle is based on a standard Mauser 98-type action in a modified version.

Kesslerin "Katharina" for Ladies


A stalking rifle could not be lighter. With an unbeatable weight of 2.8 to 3 kg, the “Kesslerin” is the ideal companion for ladies, who value style, elegance and precision while stalking.

Kesslerin "Classic DWM"


The model "Classic DWM" is a specially designed model based on the Mauser DWM System 98 which is manufactured according to the individual wishes and needs of our customers. This weapon combines the highest accuracy and steadiness with an elegant aesthetic design.

Kesslerin "Classic New SL"


The "Classic New SL" is our luxury masterpiece manufactured according to the individual wishes. Choose from the following extras: highest quality wooden stock, sunburst decoration on the chamber, engraved bolt handle, mattierte Visiersockel, gold inlays, folding front sight.

Kesslerin "Classic New SL Left-Handed version"


The gunsmith and master craftsman workshop at Waffen Kessler also offers the model "Classic New SL" as a left-handed version for left-handed marksmen.

Kesslerin "Stutzen" or short rifle


"Stutzen" or short rifle total length of 102 - 104 cm. The fore stock of the "Stutzen" is free floated and fitted with plastic bedding to avoid warping. Hand crafted to perfection and using only the best seasoned, tension-free walnut wood, the Kessler rifles are a guarantee for the highest quality in stocks.

Kesslerin "Short Barrel Rifle"


The rifle does not hop or buck – in spite of its low overall weight of a maximum of 3 kg and a total length of 104 cm.

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